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Welcome to KV Sites!

KV Sites is based in Monaghan, Ireland, and is run by Kae Verens, author of two web development books, with almost 20 years of experience in website creation.

NEW: To increase our own experience in how our own clients administer their online stores, we are now selling products ourselves! Please browse the catalogue at our KaeBots website. Everything from Phones, to Shoes, to Consumer Electronics.

I am looking for Web Development

If you are looking for an online solution which to reduce your office expenses, we have experience writing solutions which can cut hours of work per day off your load. Read more about our web application development here.

I need you to build me a Website

We have been creating websites for more than ten years - whatever you need, we can do it, whether it's a 4-page brochure site, or a 400-page online store. Read about our websites here.

I'm comfortable with computers and want to build a website myself

Great! We have a system which lets you create the same kind of websites that we do, using our own tools, and for only €20. Read about it here!