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Application Development

Do you want to talk to us about Web Development? If so, please use our contact form and we will call you to arrange a meeting.

At KV Sites, we are experts in web application development, with over ten years professional experience building everything from simple contact forms to complex ingredients calculators and crop prediction models.

The most recent large application that we created is Duffy Transport's management system, which we built up throughout 2011 and 2012 into a system which saves thousands of euro on both paperwork and mileage.

We're currently building an application for crop industries, which helps to record picks, and plugs into a previous application we wrote which helps to predict crops. The first clients for this product are the local mushroom industry, but the application works for all sorts of crop. A link will be added as soon as we're completed.

KV Sites' owner, Kae Verens, has written two books on application development; jQuery 1.3 with PHP, and CMS Design using PHP and jQuery, and has a number of open source projects, including the popular KFM file manager, and the KVWebME content management system.