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Duffy Transport

Macartan Duffy runs a transport company which has about 10 to 12 runs every day running all across Ireland.

Before KV Sites became involved, the paperwork involved in processing orders, filling in dockets, and generating reports took up a whole 40 hours per week, with hours per day per driver, and a solid two days at the end of each week generating reports to send back to the customers.

After we developed an automated system for handling everything which could be generated programmatically, we managed to cut down the drivers' paperwork hours by 80%. That is not a misprint.

Also, as reports are generated instantly, we cut off the final two days of each week as well.

With such huge savings, Duffy Transport have made their investment back within weeks of starting to use the system. Everyone wins. In Macartan's words, "for the drivers, having these extra hours free is like getting a raise".

Macartan Duffy had the following to say about KV Sites: "Whenever we ask for anything, the attitude KV Sites has is that nothing is impossible. And they pull it off! They're a pleasure to deal with, and we recommend them for anyone that needs development done."

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