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How much does a website cost?

Quick answer: €450 or €800, depending on the complexity of the site, then €10 per month for hosting.

Traditional web design involves building a website from the ground up, starting from a blank canvas. Because of the large amount of work involved in this, buying a website from a traditional web design company can be quite costly - sometimes €2000 or higher!

Here at KV Sites, we take a templated approach - you start by choosing your design from a list of templates. Then, we adapt the chosen template to more closely match what your company needs.

We charge €450 for most websites. This means a website which is 5-10 pages in length, including a contact form, image gallery, and other common features.

For more complex websites (online stores, for example), we charge €800.

If you would like to talk to us about starting up a website, please contact us using the form below!

What you get for this price is a templated website, a content management system so you can manage creation and editing of your site content, and training.

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