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What is Web Development

Kae explains:

When asked about what I do for a living, I answer "web development". Unfortunately, that doesn't really answer the question, as people then assume that this means I design websites.

Web development is actually a lot more than just making websites. It's more about making web applications.

The difference is: a website is informative; it tells you something about a company, person or group. But an application is interactive; you can search on it, buy throug it, use it to organise your work.

As an example of web development, consider bizti.me - it's an invoicing system that we built for in-house use. It's not a "website" in the traditional sense. Instead, it's a tool for making your business easier to manage.

An online store is another example of a web application. It is a website which has a purchasing application built into it. Web development is the term used when describing the creation of an application (a website that does something). Online stores are the most obvious example.

Whenever we get to speak to a client face to face and describe what we do here at KV Sites, there is always some aspect of their business which we can help to automate by brining it online through web development.

An example just from today is a local hotel which is looking for an email management system that responds to when, how and why someone subscribed to a list. This is a perfect job for web development to manage.

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