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The year past and to come

Kae Verens ~ Thursday 9th January, 2014
So, we've made it through yet another year. Yay us! In the past year, our work has tended towards phone development; mostly on Android phones, but with one project ( AAFinder for Alcoholics Anony... more

Prices for websites, and development

Kae Verens ~ Thursday 8th August, 2013
We are currently the most affordable web developers in Monaghan, and we do not want to change that, but we will be raising our prices slightly for new jobs. Existing hosting and maintenance will not be affected. We will still be well below the market average. more

Products Improvements in the CMS

Kae Verens ~ Saturday 1st June, 2013
I'm working in the Products section of the CMS's adminstration area at the moment, making it more usable. I've already made it possible to turn columns of data on or off at will. So, if y... more

Tasks application added to Bizti

Kae Verens ~ Sunday 24th February, 2013
We have added a new Tasks application to the Bizti project. This lets you set up a list of "todo" items, to tick off as you go. We're currently figuring out ways to make it work even sm... more

judging books by covers

unknown ~ Wednesday 13th February, 2013
I read a brilliant little essay which rang a bell with me. I (Kae) have no formal education, never even finishing secondary school, and so when I was first joining the work-force, I had to fight hard... more

fail early, fail often

Kae Verens ~ Tuesday 18th December, 2012
I just noticed this image in my Facebook feed (click to enlarge): Thinking past the failures, the image says that if at first you don't succeed, you should try and try again. Sometimes, the idea ... more


Kae Verens ~ Tuesday 27th November, 2012
Only a few minutes ago, I was writing out an invoice for a customer, and she asked about the software I was using, because she uses Excel for her own invoices and Excel is really the total wrong prod... more

Programming - Web and Mobile Development

Kae Verens ~ Sunday 11th November, 2012
When people come to our website, it is usually for web design. Yes, we do websites, but that's only a part of our business. The largest part of our business is actually in web and mobile developm... more

new invoicing application on the way

Kae Verens ~ Wednesday 7th November, 2012
KV Sites is now into its third year as a company. From the start, we have used Simple Invoices to manage our invoicing. It's a great little product that is very simple to use, but it could be bet... more

DST problem and solution

Kae Verens ~ Friday 26th October, 2012
Daylight Savings Time was invented in the 19th century by George Vernon Hudson, and is a terrible idea. It causes missed appointments, traffic jams, and fatal accidents . Unfortunately, we're stu... more