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new invoicing application on the way

Kae Verens ~ Wednesday 7th November, 2012

KV Sites is now into its third year as a company. From the start, we have used Simple Invoices to manage our invoicing. It's a great little product that is very simple to use, but it could be better. Development has stopped on the application, as far as we can tell (we even submitted some improvements, but they have not yet been accepted a few months later).

We also use Toggl, which is a brilliantly simple time-tracking tool.

Our company specialises in web development. When we see something that we like and would like to change, we have those skills.

We're planning on creating a free-to-use invoicing solution which combines these two products in as simple and usable a way as we can possibly do. We want to provide something that small businesses are not afraid to use, and that provides everything that a small business needs.

If you are interested in this project, tell us what your "must have" feature is, in the comments below, and we will make sure that it's built in from the start!