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Programming - Web and Mobile Development

Kae Verens ~ Sunday 11th November, 2012

When people come to our website, it is usually for web design. Yes, we do websites, but that's only a part of our business.

The largest part of our business is actually in web and mobile development. We developed our own "content management system", programming in PHP and jQuery, and for the last year, we have also been doing mobile development.

"Web Development" means developing web applications to make your business better. For example, we wrote software to let a distribution company manage its fleet of trucks, software to help mushroom marketers manage their farms, and we've started building software to let small businesses manage their day-to-day invoicing.

"Mobile Development" means anything that runs on a smart-phone. We have written code which lets a company track the location of all its sales-people, software to show catalogues of products on tablets, and programs to help people easily submit reports of how meetings went, including any photos or signatures that might be involved.

At its heart, KV Sites is a programming company. We like to solve problems, and then write solutions to make sure the problems stay solved.