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Kae Verens ~ Tuesday 27th November, 2012


Only a few minutes ago, I was writing out an invoice for a customer, and she asked about the software I was using, because she uses Excel for her own invoices and Excel is really the total wrong product for this kind of thing - invoices are not automatically recorded, you can't see at a glance who owes money, you can't easily record payments, each invoice involves creating an entirely new file and editing it manually.

So, I walked her through the creation of her own account at bizti.me, and created and printed an invoice within minutes.

For the last two years, we used SimpleInvoices at KV Sites. It's a very simple application for recording sales and creating invoices. It's easy to use, and covers almost everything that a small business could need.

However, it's not as good as it could be... When creating a new customer, for example, you need to go through a number of different pages before you can get around to writing an invoice.

We are programmers, so we decided to write our own invoicing software which would solve these little gripes.

And, because we're really nice people as well, we thought we'd let everyone in the world use it for free as well.

Please, go to www.bizti.me and give it a try. You can literally have an invoice written and printed within two minutes!