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Tasks application added to Bizti

Kae Verens ~ Sunday 24th February, 2013

We have added a new Tasks application to the Bizti project. This lets you set up a list of "todo" items, to tick off as you go.

We're currently figuring out ways to make it work even smoother, looking at other task management software such as Mantis BT, rememberthemilk, and the issue trackers of Github and Google Code.

We don't want to emulate any particular software or write something full of bells and whistles. Instead, we want to figure out what are the features that people actually use, and make those as intuitive as possible.

Again, just as we did with the invoicing software, we are using this tool ourselves in-house, so if you come across something that annoys you - believe me, it probably annoys us as well and we're already working on an improvement for it!

If you are new to Bizti, please give it a try - it's slowly becoming a one-stop must-have small-business application.

If you are already a Bizti user, please join in the development of the product by requesting improvements here.