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Products Improvements in the CMS

Kae Verens ~ Saturday 1st June, 2013
I'm working in the Products section of the CMS's adminstration area at the moment, making it more usable. I've already made it possible to turn columns of data on or off at will. So, if you never fill in your products' stock numbers (for example), simple disable that column and it won't clutter your view.
I'm about to make sure that your choices "stick" between reloads, and then I'll be adding prices to the view as well.
This is all in preparation for a much bigger plan; I want to add an eBay connection. This means that when you create a product, you will be able to have it automatically created on eBay as well (optionally - you will be able to choose what is available on eBay and what is not).
Recently I've been doing a lot of work in Products. This is because I started my own website recently, and whenever I come across some task that I think could be made easier in the administration area, I do it.
If you want to keep track of all the changes as they happen, you can track the changes here.