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the Eircom Spider Awards

Kae Verens ~ Friday 7th September, 2012
I got a phone call earlier on. "Hello, this is ____ from the Eircom Spider Awards, ..." "I'm not all that interested" "Oh, okay then, goodbye sir" I got the feeling ... more

3D tent designer

Kae Verens ~ Wednesday 5th September, 2012
Over the last week and a half, I've been working on a project for poptents.ie; it's a designer for printed tents . In 3D, in your browser. Have a look at this! This uses a newish technology c... more

Writing books

Kae Verens ~ Monday 27th August, 2012
If you are a business owner, and know your field very well, writing a book as a brilliant way to augment your skillset. Not only will it make you appear more authoritive in your field, but you will be more authoritive in your field. more

new Ads plugin

Kae Verens ~ Tuesday 24th July, 2012
Recently, Fintan Gallagher of MonaghanLife.ie asked me to rebuild his website, to freshen it up and add more social features to it. We are still working through the list of wants, which included impr... more

Facebook comments

unknown ~ Thursday 19th July, 2012
At KV Sites, we are constantly improving our main product, the WebME CMS. We originally built the system with a custom comments engine for the blogs, but have decided to use Facebook's comments e... more

Improvements to the KV-WebME blog plugin

Kae Verens ~ Friday 6th April, 2012
After hours of work yesterday with Patrick McCabe of Corranny Media, we were able to iron out user-based blogging. This means that it is now possible for an admin of a website to assign a "group... more


Kae Verens ~ Saturday 31st March, 2012
Today is World Backup day, so I thought I'd talk a bit about how we do our backups. more

First Post

Kae Verens ~ Tuesday 27th March, 2012
Hi! I'm a great fan of the blog engine WordPress , but would prefer to have an engine which I can slot into the KV Sites engine, so that it can be more easily designed and integrated with whichev... more