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At KV Sites, we are experts in automating people's businesses, and we like to apply that to our own work as well.

In 2011, we completed a project which let us create new websites literally at the click of a button - no installation necessary.

We would like to offer you this same power.

Create Your Website

Note that there is still work involved after the site creation, setting up content, etc, but the installation of the CMS, purchase and setup of the domain name, all are handled automatically.

And all for only €20 setup

We charge €20 for the setup of the website, and then you have three months free hosting. After that, hosting is €10 per month.

This kind of website is perfect if:

  • You're comfortable with computers and want to build the same kind of websites that we build, with our exact same tools.
  • You want to create a website that you'll run for only a few months, and you only want it to cost €20 in total.
  • You work in marketing and want to create some quick "throwaway" website to market upcoming events.


If any of this is appealing, please head over to our other website, 20eu.com, and register a website - it's just a matter of filling in a form!


20eu.com sites are designed to be "DIY" websites. If you have questions about the system, please ask in the 20eu.com forum